Water Resources
and Fluvial Systems

Beatriz works in the Hydro-morphology Research Group in the Department of Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management (University of Stuttgart).

April, 24

Selected Publications

Negreiros, B. Schwindt, S., Haun, S., and Wieprecht, S. (2022) Fuzzy Map Comparisons for The Evaluation of Hydro-Morphodynamic Models. 39th IAHR World Congress, Granada, Spain. doi://10.3850/IAHR-39WC2521716X2022295

Negreiros, B., Schwindt, S., Haun, S., and Wieprecht, S. (2021) Fuzzy map comparisons enable objective hydro-morphodynamic model validation. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms. doi: 10.1002/esp.5285

Kunz, M., Negreiros, B., Schwindt, S., Haun, S., Noack, M., and Wieprecht, S. (2021) Inn-ovative morphological restoration efforts. International Symposium on Bedload Management. doi: 10.3929/ethz-b-000513098

Negreiros, B. and Medeiros, J.D. (2017) Application of the hydrological model MGB-IPH at the Seridó River Basin. 20th Brazilian Symposium for Water Resources.

Current collaborative Projects

Sediment management concept for the restoration of the Inn River (Germany) (Jettenbach-Töging)

MIT MISTI Germany: Collaboration with the Nepf Lab at MIT for assessing riverbed conditions through the introduction of large wood.

eConnect: Hydro-morphodynamic connectivity and ecosystem design in a changing environment.

#lessplastic for our environment and our future: Educative and social project for raising awereness on microplastic polution. Checkout The Plastic Tap

Research Theses

Funding Information

Science without Borders Scholarship (Cnpq, 2014-2015): Fully funded visiting Bachelor's student at the University of Surrey (UK).

Sustainable Water Resources Scholarship (DAAD, 2018 - 2020): Fully funded Master's degree at the University of Stuttgart including German Course (6 months) at the Carl Duisberg Center in Munich.